Marginal Revenue: A Practical Guide

According to the principles of economics, a business can usually sell more of its products at a lower price point because the demand will increase. Again, some people become confused when dealing with the different types of revenue discussed by microeconomics scholars and savvy businesspeople. Just as you did in the average revenue sections, […]

inDinero Bookkeeping Review – 2020

Grow your business with financial support. But, in our history, we’ve been limited to sharing our offering with a particular segment of the small business market. With inDinero, we’ll not only have the methodology and team, but we’ll have technology that can help us do this more efficiently and with more entrepreneurs than ever before. […]

Two Ways to Estimate Indirect Costs of a Project

I will use British and French colonization in Africa as an example of indirect rule. The other major component in calculating direct cost is labor expense. Since no products can be produced or tasks accomplished without labor, small businesses must account for labor costs when determining direct costs. In a manufacturing facility, line workers, shift […]